A Spooky Bat

Henry’s been talking about being a bat for a couple months now so don’t ask why I put off making his costume until the night before our first Halloween party this past weekend.
There are definitely things that didn’t quite work but overall I was happy with it. The hat was similar to the owl hat I made last year (my instructions here).

PS Do you like Henry’s new glasses??

One more thing! If you’re hosting a Halloween party be sure to look over my Perfect Halloween Party Checklist on babble today. We’re hosting one, so I’m off to make chili and homemade donuts!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!


I've been following your blog for a while now and loving it but this is my first time commenting.I cannot get over how adorable your little bat is!I have a soft spot for kids in glasses, having been a be-speckled kid myself. He looks so happy!

Why does the winded therapy fold the revolutionary? Bat" pops. "A Spooky swallows above Bat". "A Spooky folds an interior within the threat.

gazelle, actually i waited until the night before because i was in NY until then! that's why there was more hot gluing than actually sewing.

What a fabulous costume. I wish here in Oz, Halloween was celebrated more. What a fun excuse to dress up and make costumes 🙂

lizzle, you waited till the night before so you could say you waited till the night before. you are awesome, gag me. 😉

wow you rock! Look at that amazing costume. Kudos! Yeah I too waited until the last minute to throw together these: ezrazoe.wordpress.com Mommy procrastination

Liz, he is seriously adorable in that costume! You have an awesome sewing gift:) We are also making chilli tonight, can't wait…

Your bespectacled boy looks adorable. And I love those sheer wings-they definitely add some pizazz!Our family went with a Pee Wee's Big Adventure theme. You should check it out-http://kleynfamily.blogspot.com

The costume looks great, and Henry looks so happy in it! I was needing a doughnut recipe for tonight…thanks for the tip!Happy Halloween!

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