Tips for Beginning Bloggers

Something fun today! I’m helping demo a new interactive video instruction tool and teaching a small little class on tips for beginning bloggers at 1:30pm PST. Come join me! No cost, I’ll only chat for a few minutes and then you can ask questions, we can talk about anything you want! Boys, boobs, babies, banana peanut butter smoothies!

Here is the link for you to go at 1:30pm PST today. You just have to enter your name as a guest to join.
See you there!

{Update: It’s limited in the number of people that can join the class but if you can’t get in look for another class in a week or two!} 

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Im bummed i missed it! Perhaps you would consider writing a short summary– the abridged version — as a post sometime? And of course i hope there will be another opportunity to join in soon!

Hi there, would love to join the next tutorial… a bit more notice would be great, so I can work out the time difference with Australia and get organised!

Karla, hope you enjoyed it! We had some issues allowing more in but hopefully we'll get it figured out for next time!

Thanks for everything, i hope next time more people join us. Karla

Oh bum, too late to join. Hopefully there will be a next time?!

The class is filled to the top:) And I thought it was so serendipitous I saw this at 4:20 pm EST, just in the nick of time! I'd love to join in the next one.Thanks!

Hi Liz, Know the question has been asked already, it's still saying "The user limit for this account has been exceeded. Contact your meeting organizer for assistance." – is this because it's not yet time or is it full? many thanks!

I so want to attend, but I'm stuck at work. (And yes, that is the location from which I'm typing this comment.) If you do another one of these can you let us know the time beforehand so that we can try to schedule it in? I really want to attend!

yes, doing the same thing for me. fixing it right now, thanks!

I tried to sign up, but after putting my name in as a guest it says, "The user limit for this account has been exceeded. Contact your meeting organizer for assistance." Is it full, or am I doing something wrong?

I am soooo excited. I'll be getting my toes done while this is happening so I'll be viewing from the salon. Thanks so much!!!- Sarah

Nine hours behind your time, Sophie – so 22.30

hello thre, i would love to join but not familiar with PST time i m in france, could you advise please ?

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