Europe Report: Paris!

Paris! I had been once for two days with my mother in college but we didn’t have a local showing us around and pointing out all the secret spots.
It was such a magical city. Jordan and Paul live right across the street from the Eiffel Tower and were gracious hosts of course.  We walked across to have picnics, climb the tower at night and take the boys to the playground. It was an amazing location.

One of my favorite things was biking around everywhere. In Paris they have dozens of bikes locked up every couple of blocks so you can swipe a card, grab a bike. Head to the Louvre and drop it off there. Then grab another one when you’re through, and head to the Marais for lunch. Why on earth doesn’t every city have this system?!? {Jordan talks about specifics on how to use them right here}

I’m still dreaming of those pan au chocolates and gelato. Oh. my. goodness. Food was, embarrassingly, the thing I was most excited about for Paris and it did not disappoint my friends. Wandering around the streets after dinner and soaking up the Parisian culture was amazing as well.

I’d never been to the Louvre and was blown away by it, especially the the architecture inside
(sidenote: Jared has been working hard growing an impressive beard! That I promptly made him shave when we got home)

Jordan took us to Merci which is officially my favorite store in the world! It’s a concept store that’s so well curated it’s incredible. I was oohing and ahhing at all the french industrial goods. I picked up some fun little kitchen items down in the basement like a lunchbox for Henry, some french linens, etc ( i.e. don’t miss the basement!)
I really wanted to just mingle around in this used books section for hours. The Merci store not only includes this used book store, but also a flower shop, fabric shop, designer clothing, furniture, kids boutique, etc.

The kids boutique was, again, the most amazing kids store I’ve ever been in (with lots of goodies and toys in the basement as well!)

Oh, my.  The Flea market was such a treasure trove. I wish we had all day to spend there.
(PS It’s a little tricky to find so check out Jordan’s awesome map right here)

It was so hard to decide what to get! I picked up a few things (including a nudie oil painting!)

Ahh! Just talking about it makes me want to go back so bad. So many more things I wanted to do and see. Maybe someday!
(Stay tuned tomorrow for a report on our trip to Normandy!)

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I didn't know they had a kids boutique in merci, (not that I have kids) but now I need to go!

our city (in AUstralia) is currently trialling the french bike system but it is kinda failing since it is law here to wear a helmet (who carries a helmet around in their handbag?) hopefully soon it will take off better and not lose too much money.

Wow what a place to live! Your visit looks and sounds amazing!

Loving this new system in Boston! It's about time they got smart :). World Wide Children's Books

I've never seen the bike share in NY. Do they really have something like that?

Lovely! We have the bikes here in Boulder, too…such a great idea!

After reading all these comments, I'm even more grateful that I actually live in Paris!

I think we need to all write a letter or get a signed petition to get this bike thing going. I mean that is just fantastic. I think it's so neat that you are related to the Ferney's. The fact that you both are successful bloggers is so cool.- Sarah

this all looks so dreamy! i love how easy the europeans make it to ride bikes everywhere. that merci store looks absolutely incredible.

Great report! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE the Paris flea and always make a point to go whenever I'm there. I have yet to check out Merci but will on my next trip (hopefully soon!!!). And the pain au chocolat – I hear ya! I have yet to find anything that compares where I live. Jordanap.s. Lots of cities do the bike share thing – Denver, NYC, Montreal, Toronto – it's awesome!

Oooooh, I am going to Paris for Thanksgiving and I can't wait! Thanks for the tip about Merci, I think I'll drop all my tourist dollars there :)

i visited paris for one week but it was nothing like your trip! one day i hope to go back…but right now im just working on being a new mom 🙂 looks like paris was awesome, especially since you got the "inside scoop" from someone living there!

Such gorgeous photos. I can't wait to go to Paris some day! Amanda already mentioned that we have the bikes in the Twin Cities–I also saw them in D.C. when we were there visiting family this spring. It's such a great, communal idea, isn't it?

I have been to Paris and looking at your photos makes me smile! Oh — what a lovely city. I have wanted to live there or Austria for a while now. If you haven't been to Austria– make sure to add it to your list! It's so beautiful! Also, in Minneapolis, we have those bikes all around! "nice rides" are available through both Twin Cities. It's really nice to have the option and it's a great deal! Thanks for the blog– I love reading your stuff! I hope you enjoyed your journey!

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