DIY: A Sock Bun

{Although Jared was really pushing for the title ‘Put a sock inside to make it look bigger’. HAAAA. Boys!}

So. I have been cursed with really fine, baby thin hair. My hair holds no curl from an iron and looks pretty pathetic in a bun (as evidenced in the left photo above).
But brilliance! I just learned this trick from a friend and have been wearing my hair like this practically every day since. The sock bun trick! Wanna see how it works?

Start with your hair in a ponytail. Higher or lower depending on where you want the bun.

Take an old sock that blends well into the color of your hair highlights. Smell it first to make sure it’s washed. Then cut off the tip. I started first with a longer sock but it was too big for my thin hair.

Roll it gently up, like so, until you have a nice donut looking shape.

Put your ponytail through the center of the donut, the same way you would put on a rubberband (or scrunchie in middle school).
Now. Holding the sock in place with one hand, carefully spread out your hair around the curves of the sock until the hair feels like it’s evenly distributed. For really fine hair like mine you may need a mirror to make sure it covers all of the sock (that’s also why a similar colored sock is a good idea).

When it feels pretty well distributed (you can adjust it later too), grab another rubber band and tie it around at the base to hold it in place.

It will probably look like this at this point.  Kind a messy. A good time to grab your hand held mirror and make any adjustments.

If you have thin and/or shorter hair you can simply wrap the hair around the base of the bun and kind of tuck it in. If you have longer and/or thicker hair you might need to use a couple bobby pins or braid it first.

Voila! Fancy, thick looking sock bun! You can add a scarf or ribbon around the base if you want to cover up the extra hair as well. How would you style a sock bun?


love this tutorial. thanks so much for sharing it. i’ve been putting my hair up in a bun a lot lately, so i am going to try this.

I really like the bow around the bun! Makes it look neat, even if it’s not!! Nice touch!

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