Sky Lanterns in the Outer Banks

One of my favorite things we did in the Outer Banks last week was to send off sky lanterns! My sister in law, Jordan, had shown us how to do it a couple years ago in Mexico and I’ve been itching to do it again ever since.

We patiently waited several nights for the winds to be right. They needed to be blowing out to the ocean so we wouldn’t start any fires (there was already a huge swamp fire going on during this in VA!). The night the winds were finally right happened to also have a gorgeous full moon!

 It was a bit windy though and it took most of us to get one up and going at a time so we could only do them one by one.

My lawyer father was very much concerned with neighbors ‘calling the authorities’, since I have no idea how legal they are. Eh, ignorance is bliss.

They were beautiful! I love to imagine what a peaceful view it would be up there in the lantern sailing over the dark ocean.
Here’s a cheap source for sky lanterns right here


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