Old Photos

My sister just found these old photos of my parents. I especially love looking at photos of them when they were dating, married and new parents. So sweet! I like to imagine what it was like for them to go through the same life experiences I have of getting married, starting a family and establishing a career. I wonder if I’d be friends with my parents if they were a new couple on our block. I think I would! Do you love looking at photos of your parents when they were young too?

{that’s me on my dad’s shoulders}


Priceless. It's a good reminder to 1. take lots of great pictures, 2. stay married so that our kids can post retro pics of us someday on their blogs and not feel awkward doing it :)p.s. so glad you are heading to Europe soon. You will have so much fun Liz!xo

How come your parents waist sizes are the same today!! I love the photos and love your parents.

it's really great picture. youth passes so quickly in comparison.

Your parents look like movie stars!! So good looking! I love your blog…Nice feature in HGTV…

i know, that bowtie! my dad was so stylish, what happened? just kidding (kind of)

oh em golly…that bow tie….can't get over it. how adorable!

Yes, absolutely love looking at photos of my parents at this stage in their lives! And yours are adorable!

sara, i love the wild ones too! my dad had a ridiculously awesome afro and my mom! why didn't she keep (and then give to me) her rad 70s wardrobe!

I love looking at old photos of my parents. They seem impossibly young and beautiful, like different people than I understood them to be when I was a child. The best are the wild ones, before kids, before settling down (I have aging hippie parents!).

Your parents look like they were pretty awesome back in the day! I love looking at old photos of my parents too! Especially since they dated back in high school just like me and my husband!

I'm not sure why (they aren't my parents) but these pictures make me emotional. Beautiful.

I love seeing old photos of my parents. I snuck (stole) some last time I went home 🙂

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