Hello Sponsors: Pinhole Press

Pinhole Press is a lovely new company that specializes in really beautiful personalized photo products like notepads, gorgeous linen bound books, stationery, calenders, etc. I love the idea of getting all those photos off your computer and actually doing something with them. It seems like such a waste for them to stay digital! So many great ideas here, I love them all. 

We have an embarrassingly huge amount of photos of Henry since his birth (are you like us?) but not really anything in print. It’s horrible! I’m excited to try out some of these options and put together something pretty to actually hold in our hands. Also, I’m loving the simply designed detailed in the kids party section.
Be sure to check out Pinhole Press, I know you’ll love all the amazing options

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this looks so awesome! i know what you mean about the photos….it kind of stresses me out a lot thinking about how simple it used to be. my kids are going to wonder if i don't get on some albums soon!

I agree that ever since the era of digital cameras photos have been kind of a waste! Always on our laptops but never in print..so sad! Their stuff sounds great!

we got some calendars done last year! love them! had a couple done for the grandparents too! I think it'll be a new christmas tradition! 🙂

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