DIY: Chalkboard Banner

Confession: In addition to huge bows and high waisted skirts, I have a weakness for any and all kinds of party banners. Admitting this is the first step to recovery, right? Second step: throw them away. This project helped me eliminate the need to have a separate party banner for every possible occasion by utilizing another obsession of mine: chalkboard spray paint.

See details on this chalkboard banner tutorial right here on Momtastic.

PS I didn’t actually throw away all my party banner but in theory I could…


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Noelle, I've had a fine time wiping it off. You do have to run some chalk along all of them first

wondering how easy it is to erase off of something with chalkboard spraypaint….can you still see a faint image of what you had on there when you erase it?thanks for the idea.

debbie, usually a craft store but most definitely a hardware store like home depot. the possibilities are endless!

What a fantastic idea – one of those can't believe I didn't think of that earlier ideas. Love love love.

Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING. I actually still have cloth banners up from my daughter's second birthday here and there around the house because they are rainbows. Every now and then I think about her next birthday party theme, and I think I might actually do chalkboards. This is perfect!

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