Coffee Filter Flower Lamp

 Kind of obsessed with this coffee filter flower lamp on Aunt Peaches (spotted via tinkerlab). I think it might be the most beautiful DIY I’ve seen in a while. Directions and photos right here. Would you hang something like this in your house? Thinking it could also make the prettiest pinata for a party.


Its soo pretty. Great to give a pop of color. My fear – the dust… yikes!

That's hilarious. I love the sense of celebration. Am also crushing over the wall of book pages behind it!

I'm so impressed by you crafty types. This is beautiful!

I can see how you would be obsessed. It's gorgeous!

Hey Thanks for the shout out! I'm such a fan 🙂 So happy you like the lamp!

I am dying over this lamp. When I finally get settled into our home, this will be first on my to-do list. I think it would be beautiful in an office. Thank you for sharing.

Christa, I agree. I'm a bit on the fence as to where I'd like to see it but I just know I want it somewhere!

I think it would be awesome in a kid's room or high up if you had tall ceilings. But I think in MY house it would be at eye level and I think the look of coffee filters would come through. Not sure how I'd feel about it.

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