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As this blog has grown over the years (5 years this month!) I’ve started focusing less and less on family and mom topics and more on projects, crafts and style. Although I love where my blog is at now, I do sometimes miss talking about what it means to be a mom and sharing some sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) tidbits with all of you.
So, I’m happy to be one of the contributing bloggers posting daily on Babble’s newest blog, Toddler Times. It’s a new experience for me to talk about more ‘mom’ topics, but I’ve been really enjoying it and I think you will too. I’ll be sharing these links weekly for you to check out.

Should you let your toddler try the big slide? The ongoing parenting dilemma. Or not.

Check out the most outrageous toddler toys your kid could only dream to have now (things have improved considerably since power wheels!)

Camping Tips with a Toddler. It doesn’t have to be torture!

My favorite toddler friendly art stations

Henry’s current toy obsession. Did you have any?

This ultimate rite of passage moment (and why it made me feel like a good mom)


Ha- i use to live down the street from that slide with my x- husbands grandma (boyfriend at the time) back in the 90's love it. p.s. i'm a total chicken when it comes to letting my girls be more independent & go on the bigger kids slides & other type of stuff. I wish it weren't true

I love reading your blog. As a blogger myself I find it hard to keep up on my daily reads like I use to, but your is always on the top of my list! I am excited to hear more mom oriented tips (seeing as I have an 18 month old who is now venturing into the toddler world)! If you have time, I would love for you to stop by my giveaway…I linked up your sparkler tutorial (although its a little belated)

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