Kids Craft: Spin Art

This is Henry’s favorite art activity. We do it weekly now and he absolutely loves it every time. What makes it so fun for toddlers is they are actively involved in the process, and the result is fast, unexpected, and different every time (but still pretty!)

Two essential supplies here: washable paint and a salad spinner. I never use my salad spinner for actually spinning greens so now it lives in our craft supply bin where it serves the primary purpose of producing spin art. But if you wash it well, you can use it for both.

 The bowl does get really messy but it’s contained neatly in the spinner and washes out really quickly and easily

 See the full tutorial here on Momtastic. You’ll have to check out how pretty the bowl looks after several rounds of spin art…


Ahhh amazing! I don't have any children, but I do have a salad spinner…I know what I'm doing after work tonight. love your blog–Twitter: @graylinsampleBlog:

sorry I missed something, you may check my place to find some interesting stuffdakota alertge simon xt

love the spin art like this. couldn't wait to see more.

This is exactly what I am talking about! I LOVE it! Great idea! Now I know what to do with our salad spinner! 🙂

Looks like it would be a more contained mess than simply hand painting, which my daughter loves. Excellent idea! We'll have to give it a try!

such a great idea! now i have an excuse to pick up a $2.99 salad spinner at ikea. you always have creative ideas to keep toddlers busy-thank you!

The last time I used my salad spinner I wondered if I could rig up some "Spin Art" thing to it! This is really, really cool. No judgments if I try this myself… without toddlers. Right? 🙂

Really cool idea! Perfect for toddlers. Thanks for posting about it.

Great idea and i love the almost no mess. Linking up.xo Jana

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