DIY: Hand Carved Eraser Stamps

I don’t remember when the last time I used pink erasers was but it turns out they have many more uses than arithmetic mistakes. Henry and I had fun with this little activity last week. I carved out a couple shapes in a few old school pink erasers and Henry stamped away with a washable rainbow ink pad (best invention ever- I use it all the time).
I thought letters and numbers would be cute for little gift tags (shown above).
You can see more instructions for this project right here

Due to my inability to carve out a decent circle, this balloon one I attempted when stamped looked just like little- ahem– a little swimmer (as pointed out lovingly by my husband). I can still think of some useful things for this swimmers stamp: baby shower? gender announcement? sex ed talk with your kids as an alternative to the ‘where i came from’ book from the library?


love this… I am having so much fun going though all your tutorials. brilliant!

ha! well it makes me feel better to know that you are capable of making a mistake, as your diy's always look just perfect.

I've done these before with great success. Thanks for reminding me (I'd completely forgotten about this art).

such a great idea! going out to buy pink erasers…

Hahaha. This is such a great idea! I definitely want to try it.rebeccawithanR

lmao! this is such a great idea! y didn't i ever think of it?! lol i've been wanting some stamps! i'll def buy some erasers next time i go to the store. thanks for sharing!

I've been also carving stamps lately and it is so much fun! I love yours.

I should have saved the paper + sperm stamp. It's gone missing already!

I was actually thinking the same the second I saw that pic… ha ha

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