Custom Play Mats

Play mats are on my mind since the paper airport I made last week. I found this customizable play mat on etsy which can be made to replicate your child’s actual neighborhood. The adorableness is blowing my mind. And a great teaching tool: “Here’s how to walk to preschool and don’t forget to pick up the milk for mom right here.” KIDDING. kind of okay not really.wait what?


What! this is awesome! checking it out NOW 🙂

amazing idea, so much more fun than a normal play mat. great find!

That's so cool! And for a great price too. I just may need one for myself :)KristaLazy Saturdays

Oh wow, I love this idea! If I had a child I would totally get one!

ha! that is awesome. I might need one of these for myself once we get to NY!

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