Tutorial: Elastic Waist Lined Skirt

I tried a couple new things with this project: covering the elastic to make the skirt look a little more polished and adding a lining to avoid any see-through/clinging issues the fabric may have. 

Start with an outer layer (I used a vintage striped sheet which, like a lot of vintage fabrics, definitely required a lining) and a layering fabric like this white muslin.

Cut a piece of the outer fabric 1.5- 2x the width of your waist and the length will be 4 inches longer than where you want it to fall. Right sides together, sew, press and trim the two sides of the skirt together.

Fold and press the top hem at least 1/2 inch longer than the elastic you’re using. I was using 2 inch elastic so mine was about 2 1/2 inches. Pin.

This is where we are adding our lining. Cut a piece of your lining so it falls about an inch higher than your outer piece (don’t worry, you can hem it higher later if you make it too long). Sew the sides together in the same way you did the outer piece. Place the outer piece inside the lining and tuck the top edges of the lining in to the top band, re-pin them together in place as shown below.

Now you’ll sew just along the edge, you want to leave plenty of room for the elastic to be strung inside

You’ll also leave about a 2 inch opening so you can string the elastic through afterwards

Attach a pin to the end of the elastic and string it through the inside of the band.

When it comes out the other side, pin it together and try it on before sewing the elastic ends together.

After you sew the elastic ends together, close up the hole and hem the bottom about 2 inches up as shown above

It looks nice with a belt too! If you’re looking for a more simple elastic waist skirt with the elastic exposed, check out this tutorial on FreshlyPicked.


I have fabric just like that but never thought to use it in clothing. I just might have to replicate your skirt!

Great fabric! It's perfect for summer

this is adorable. I am so going to give it a try, I am in need of skirts for summer.

v impressed! i need to learn to sew 🙂 love the fabric. such a cute skirt. xo jillian:: ps im hosting a judy kaufmann print giveaway!

i haven't moved into sewing clothes for myself yet, but i may need to try this skirt out! love the striped fabric, where is it from?

How cute is that skirt! Love your blog and I am your newest follower!xo

oh man! wish this tutorial was up a year ago when i tried this on my own, no pattern, nothin!i think i'll have to try again. this looks so cute!

I love the skirt, and the fabric you used! I made a similar skirt recently that has narrow, elastic-less panels around the side seams (an idea I got from a skirt I bought at J.Crew). If you're interested, you can find it here: http://www.mygrowinghome.com/2011/05/elastic-waist-flirt-skirt-inspired-by.html?showComment=1308246566158#c7574986612028816103. I think this may be my first comment–I recently started reading Say Yes to Hoboken and love it. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful tutorials!

Liz,This is fantastic! I love the style. Also, the fabric you used. Pinning this one to save for later:DHope you are enjoying your summer!Anna

Thank you! This is EXACTLY the step-by-step I've been looking for, both for me and the Babby!

this is so cute!! why can't i sew!?!?! i ONLY pretend sew! i loveyour blog!!check us outwww.moddybee.blogspot.com

I wish I knew how to sew. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing 🙂

I love the fabric. I love patternless sewing. I also have tute on how to make patternless skirt in less than 15 minutes. Please do check it out – PatternLess Skirt in < 15 min

I love that fabric – what a great idea! I just wish you could pop on over to my apartment and teach me how to sew. 🙂

Projects like this have my dying to learn how to sew. I really need/want to.

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