Summer Lists

Do you have a list of goals you want to accomplish this summer? I’m using the term ‘goals’ loosely here: practice flower arranging, marathon naps under a tree, and ice cream taste tests- types of goals. Love this summer list at Whatever (image above). Although, I move that “tuesday treats” be added to the calender year round.


Totally! I created a checklist of 25 items for us. Included on ours is publishing a comic book.

YES! This is so great, it would make me happy just walking by it 🙂

Awesome idea, only wish I had more free time (and better weather!)

Please add, "Visit Aunt Robin in Morgan Hill for a bbq," to your summer list. 🙂

I love this idea, and now really want to make one myself. Your blog has become my new favourite blog by the way, so inspiring!

it would be fun to create a list with the kids + then check 'em off…charming idea 🙂

what a great idea! this will help for all those times i *think* i'm out of ideas. and i keep lists for every other part of my life. why not summer kids activities?!

Ooo I gotta start my list!! Let's get the show on the road! =)Melanie's Randomness

this is such a great idea! a large board like this would certainly make it easier to accomplish goals because you would be able to see them all the time!

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