Paper Airport

With a huge roll of craft paper you can do exactly four bazillion fun projects with kids. Yesterday afternoon we worked on this giant airport and runway for his growing collection of planes. 

Of course we had to incorporate both his animals and cars

We made some winding roads around a lake and cut up a pasta box to create a car garage for them to park at when they arrived for their flights.

Made a lame but effective tower to help direct air traffic and several grassy fields designated for wildlife viewing

Each of the planes had a little parking spot to wait their turn to take off. It was as much fun to create as it was for him to play with. The best part is we can roll it up and use it again if we’re gentle with it. Have you made any fun projects with craft paper?


This is great, Liz. Our super long hallyway is perfect for this. Thanks for sharing!

Elisabeth, that link didn't work but i'd love to see your project!

Great idea! I once made a headboard out of craft paper when I was poor and lived in a tiny apartment. (This was back before everything was a vinyl wall sticker)

Oh, this reminds me so much of being a kid. My dad used to make tape-roads across the entire dining room floor, so I could create an entire city with all my playmobil toy:-)

Elisabeth, I love the idea of creating a scene from their favorite show. How cute! I'm sure they loved it

Ah, to only have one child..:) I have 3 five and under and these fun one on one things don't happen anymore.

Thank you for this wonderful idea! We had a rainy afternoon and thanks to you, pulled out the kraft paper and made a paper version of the Island of Sodor (home to Thomas the Tank Engine)…plus cowboys, airplane, motorcycles, a farm, a church, and a UPS warehouse:). My two boys were entertained for a full hour and a half. What a blessing for all of us! Thanks!

sophie, yes! i was fully entertained (maybe even more than him!)

So cute!!! What a brilliant (and inexpensive) way to entertain kids!

What a great idea. I can see this keeping my boys entertained for ages.

You made me a little homesick for days like these with my little ones. I am missing it this morning. You're such a great mom.

Oh wow, what a great idea! I'm totally keeping this in mind for when I have kids!

This is an absolutely brilliant idea — and I love that it can easily be rolled up and stored when playtime is done.

Love love love this!!!!!! The simple things bring the most joy.- Sarah

Great! Further proving that mere pieces of paper go a long way in entertaining children, and adults alike.

so sweet! love this idea 😉 xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

I love this. We made a racetrack a long time ago, but not in a while. Thx for the reminder, maybe we'll make one today.

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