DIY: Stenciled Sunglass Bag

A cute, and super useful, homemade gift idea for Father’s Day. I like the hand drawn look of the aviator shape but you can make it more perfect looking if you like. It might be fun to have a child draw the shape and use that as your stencil. It’s a great gift for a Father, or a friend, or yourself. Maybe if you’re feeling fancy you can include a pair of new sunglasses inside 🙂

See the full instructions here on Momtastic


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Totally clever idea. I saw a similar one at Anthropologie, but gifts from the heart are so much better.

This is so neat! And like you said, good for Father's day too. I love your DIY- Sarah

This is SO cool Liz, I love it. I'm bookmarking this.P.S. I'm hosting a great giveaway and I thought you might like it.

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