Vintage Baby Patterns

I’ve always been a fan of dressing little kids in vintage clothing and vintage-inspired clothing (until they refuse and/or get made fun of) but sometimes the ones you find are just plain old and worn out, so I was super excited to find this shop on etsy with all these vintage knitting and crochet patterns. I think this is my motivation to learn how to knit.

Also, friends. Let’s take a vow to not knit anything made with acrylic wool? 60s and 70s, I’m looking at you…

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So cute! I love a baby boy in bloomers. My master knitter mom is always bidding on vintage baby patterns on Ebay. Before she became computer savvy, I was her partner in crime.

I have a lot of vintage knitting books and love the patterns. However, most of them use sock or baby weight yarn, at 7st/inch. So they aren't the quickest knits.An acrylic-wool blend can actually be very pratical for babies. Many moms do prefer acrylic yarn, but there are some nice superwash wools out there.@Christy….the shorts are usually "soakers" to be worn over cloth diapers. A very trendy item right now (and hopefully forever because they are awesome).

Aw I LOVE it when I see kids in this stuff. So much better some of the nasty stuff you can buy in stores these days.

Christy, I know! Aren't they cute? I think they're meant to be more bloomers than shorts

Haha these gave me a chuckle! I love the little knitted knickers, but I guess they're really shorts? And death to acrylic!

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