Stylish Moms

I was just looking at some old photos yesterday and stumbled upon this one of my mother in law holding my husband, Jared, when he was a cute toddler. I love it. Have you seen this book, My Mom, Style Icon? It looks like such a fun read. I found its blog and have loved looking through all these gorgeous old photos of stylish mothers. I wish I had more of my own mom, she was quite stylish (I did post this one here yesterday). I’m determined to scan some in of my own mom next time I’m home. Do you collect photos of your parents when they were young? I’d love to put something together in a digital collection of some kind.


oh she is lovely, and what a great photo all together.i hadn't heard of Wendy's blog but after one look I love it already.

What a brilliant blog! I love it. Love looking at old photos of my mum, she looks so young and stylish and lovely. Hope that one day my kids will look back at photos of me with the same rose tinted glasses!

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I love that blog. I came across it in an article in a magazine (forget which one), but it made me go through my mom's old pictures.

Thanks for the link! My mom was extremely stylish and I've been lucky enough to inherit some of her classic pieces. I still emulate a lot of her looks. (This entry made me smile).:)

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