Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom

I’m really excited to be part of this e-book anthology just published called Stories I’ve Only Told My Mother along with 16 other bloggers and essayists. This would be a perfectly thoughtful (and super easy) last minute gift for Mother’s Day. I’m honored to be participating and very much intimidated by all the talented bloggers and writers I’m joined with for this anthology.
I’ll give you a little peek: My contribution is an essay about my son Henry’s emergency c-section birth, which is something I’ve never talked about here and something I like to avoid thinking about in general because it was-no big deal: the most terrifying day of my life. However, it was incredibly therapeutic to write it out especially with Mother’s Day approaching. I’ve really enjoyed reading through the essays, it’s really an incredible collection. The anthology is something I think you would love, either as a gift for your own mother or a little treat for yourself.
So go pick up a copy here for $4.99.


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