Neon Ombre Hair

Ombre hair has been in for a little while (at first I thought people were just getting lazy about coloring their roots) but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of neon ombre hair, just on the tips. What do you think? Hip or too punk rock?

Images: Mark Iantosca


I loved Jessica Biel's ombre hair. Its a definetly gorgeous look.

I think they're great. I couldn't pull them off but I love it on others. We posted some before and afters of the ombre hair we did at our salon on our blog 🙂 Fringe Social

Love it. I had some bright red done recently. It's a bit faded now. Love the neon yellow. May try that next

I like the blue, it's not too obvious.I wouldn't try it myself i think, a bit too showy…:.

I'm not into the ombre look, but I could like a few subtle pink streaks like the first photo.

Little Lj, yes I hear you! I tried bangs once. Ugg. I looked manly

I definitely wanted pink tips when I was eighteen … not so much anymore. However, there's a woman at my church, who's over 50, and she rocks it.

i like it very much. and i like the neon ombre even better than just the regular ombre. but i admit that i am very strange and i like a little bit of a punk aesthetic. don't know if i'd ever be brave enough to try it myself.

Actually, I really like this idea! It's an easy but not too committed way to try out a crazy hair color without looking completely punk rock. Hmm… I'm thinking I might try this out with purple in a few months (my hair is dark dark brown, so it won't be very noticeable).

For me, this is one of those things that is great but 'for OTHER PEOPLE'. See also: Justin Beiber, caravans and bangs.

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