Houston Ironman

Henry and I have been in Houston the last few days to cheer on my little brother (who as of tonight is an official neurosurgeon!) and 60 yr old father competing in an Ironman. This is an insane endurance triathlon that starts with a 2.4 mile swim, then a 112 mile bike ride (5-8 hours long), and finishes off-no big deal– with a full 26.2 mile marathon.
Craaazy, right? Yes, they are.

I’m so proud of them for not only finishing but doing really well. We were so exhausted just from watching them race for 12 hours straight. It was amazing. I got all teary eyed at several points during the day. What an amazing accomplishment.

PS Also, can we talk about how I think I hit my peak in poster board design around age 10? I already had to toss one poster because I started spelling my brother’s name wrong. True story, friends.


Shelby, sometimes blogs are shows so I don't always show the screw up projects like these posters. And YES it's super inspirational! I got all teary eyed too!

Becky Ann, that's so funny! What a small world. I don't know if it was my dad who went to Peru but maybe a brother of his? My dad's actually a corporate lawyer, not a doc

Sometimes I think you are superwoman and good at everything so I loved seeing your signs and then reading about them. Thank you for not being perfect at everything and giving me a good chuckle! :)And last year I checked out past years of the Ironman from Kona and bawled throughout all of them. SO inspiring!

These men looked so familiar to me. So I sent a pic to my husband (who's a med student in Houston), and he said that your brother was at my brother-in-law's Eagle Scout Court of Honor this weekend, and your dad is THE Dr. Ricks who took my hubby to Peru 2 summers ago. Small world! 😉 Congratulations to them— I cannot even imagine doing an Ironman! P.S. LOVE your posts.

We were there too!! Had two friends competing, amazing and inspiring! Hope you enjoyed your visit to Texas! And a huge Congrats to your "IronMEN"!!xoxo,Carrie@221vision

super cool! my husband just competed in his very first ironman here in st. george, ut a few short weeks ago. i was like a silly little school at the finish line. so exhilarating to see him accomplish a life goal. i also just signed up for my very first half marathon two months from now. good luck to us both!

WAY TO GO, RICKS MEN!!! (And special congratulations to Dr. Ricks!)

I know, it's so inspiring. I just signed up for another half marathon in july. Will I regret this? Hope not!

Daaaang! Thats one inspiring grandpa/ father! Reminds me of my grandpa. He rode his bike 60+ miles a day till he physically couldn't anymore. Congrats on the big finish!

fantastic!your poster side note is cracking me up. that's great.

Holy cow–I compete in Triathlon Sprints (a very short–almost 5K like distance for triathlons-haha) and have SO much respect for them. Congrats to them! That is AWESOME!

Congratulations!! It looks like it was a hot hot day. Only adding to the difficulty! Love that picture of H.

Congrats to them! I think witnessing an Ironman race is just about one of the best ways to spend a day. It's overwhelmingly inspiring.

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