Erin in Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom

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If you’ve ever met Erin of Design for Mankind, you’ll know what intoxicating energy and genuine sweetness she’s made of. My friends and I from Mighty Summit like to call her pocket loechner, because the minute you meet her you want to tuck her away in your pocket and carry her around throughout the day for emergency pick me ups, as needed.
If you haven’t read her piece yet in the Stories I’ve Only Told My Mom Anthology yet I’m part of, go read it now. I got a glimpse into what makes her so genuine, and how she became ‘the fixer of un-inspired souls’ and ‘the gatekeeper of encouragement’. Plus it me laugh realizing I’m not the only one that wore those days of the week underwear (did you?).  Erin also designed the gorgeous cover (so talented, right? ). Good news! The anthology is now available on amazon so it’s super easy to buy right here.


I've got to buy it immediately! I totally love her blog and she's got such a great sense of humour!

yes, i wore those underwear…haha! i hope to someday meet that wonderful erin loechner! 🙂

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