DIY: Painted Block Puzzle

I was never good at coloring in the lines, so I’m not sure why I thought I’d be good at painting in the lines but either way I enjoyed trying my hand at making various geometric shapes for this painted block puzzle.

Would be a sweet gift for a child, and letters would personalize it nicely as well.
See the full instructions here on Momtastic

Photos by Liz Stanley for Momtastic


What a great idea! My kids would love to make these!

What an easy idea, I love these puzzles. Would you want to share something with us that you've made recently? ‎{Share the Love} link up party is starting tomorrow at! Please come link up!

J, yes I did make several puzzles on the other sides. Could be challenging for older kids too I think

Super fun! I love DIY kid games – it beats buying things from Wal-Mart by a mile

i've been wanting to do one of these FOREVER! maybe this summer i'll do it with the kids. yours looks so cute!

great idea! you could even make it 6 puzzles in one and use all the sides of each block. very cool! although those blocks in the photo look like they needed to be sanded first… splinters are no good! i'm gonna make this for my friend who's baby shower is coming up. sure, she wont be able to use it for a while but it'll look nice sitting on the shelf til then lol!

I love this, my daughter loves wooden toys so this is just perfect.

Proof positive that the simplest things are always the best. Colors, shapes and strategic thinking to boot! Very cool.

great idea. i think it might even be fun to create with my nephew rather than just for him. i'll add it to the weekend project list for sure!

LOVE THIS :)Not sure if the Babby would understand a puzzle like this yet (she can do pieces in shaped notches) but I think it would be fun to make them for her!

ooooh I'm really loving this idea! Thank you for sharing.-Sarah

I might have to try this for my toddler who is very into puzzles right now. Thanks!

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