This list is great! I feel pretty good knowing I have a few things on here already! I picked up a pair of hot pink Bensimon slip-ons on sale last summer and I already have the light pink Gap 3/4 sleeve sweater – I really do where both of them all the time!!ps – I usually wear my Bensimons with those super thin ballet-flat socks. I love them!

The Alexa Chung is fab!! I think I want to wear it. Thank you for your blog.

anon, I' a size 8 in US, which is inbetween a 38 and 39. I bought a 38 and they fit great but i have only worn them with thin socks or no socks.stephanie, depends on what i'm wearing. Sometimes no socks (or you can get those nylon socks that just cover the heel/toes)

Um, do you wear the shoes with socks? I know that might be obvious, but I have a hard time wearing sneakers without socks….

I have a question about the bensimon shoes. Did yours run true to size? Sometimes I find European shoes run a bit small. Thanks!

Loved all of the links. Thanks for sharing =)- Sarah

I don't care for Ms Chung as a celebrity but the girl knows how to dress!

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