Alphabet Cookies

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This is a really fun activity for toddlers who a. love to squish things b. love to swing heavy things over their heads c. love to roll things with chubby hands d. love to hide cheerios in dough while mom was computing being a cheerfully engaged parent e. love learning their letters and eating cookies

Bonus hide and seek game: Whoever finds a handful of cheerios inside their alphabet cookie wins something awesoooooome

See the full instructions with recipe here on Momtastic


Love this! This is a great weekend activity

You are brilliant! I don't know how many ways we practiced the ABCs. I never thought of cookies!

Love these.We made sugar cookies the other day, flowers and hearts and carrots, a spontaneous post-Easter celebration.

I love this! I think Cole will too because he's just starting to learn and recognize letters. Thanks!

Can't wait until my little guy gets old enough to try things like this!

Oh you got a Henry too 🙂 Thought of doing this with playdough, but not with cookie dough! That might get my Henry interested real quick!

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