Top Ten Easter Crafts

Are you in an Easter-y mood yet? I’m sharing my Top Ten Easter Crafts over at babble today to help you stir up some creative Easter juices. Did I miss one that you’ve loved?
{Image above from Not Martha}

Easter has really crept up on us this year. We are headed out for an Easter egg hunt in an hour or two and I have neither basket nor grass. So no judging when Henry’s the one kid collecting eggs with a grocery bag.  I do, however, have an embarrassingly large amount of plastic eggs that Henry and I have been playing with for over a month now.

If you’re looking for a fun game to do with a leftover egg carton, candy and plastic eggs, I’m sharing one of our favorite Easter toddler games over at Momtastic today too.


yes its crept up on me too. i did get some egg sidewalk chalk and a tiny basket for my 2 yr old, though. can't wait to check out your game.

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