Pleated Skirt: Hot or Not?

I bought this pleated skirt at American Apparel a couple weeks ago and loved it- at first- but have been having second thoughts about it lately (especially after spotting every old lady at my church wearing a similar version on Sunday). Yesterday I spotted a bright blue one at Zara and thought I’d be crazy not to love them. What do you think? Hot or Not? Especially with those sock lines around the ankles?


H O T! I'm sporting my own mint green pleated skirt today that I got from UO. Yours looks great on you!!

I love it! Youre young, so you can pull it off! So long as you don't pair it with a cat sweater, you're good πŸ˜›

After 33 years of dressing myself and one fashion history course in college (AWESOME), I've come to realize: fashion is just recycling.Over and over and over. With slight differences in detailing. The time period that Grandma fell in love with that skirt is different from the one you've fallen in love with it in, but the real difference is that Grandma pairs it with everything else from that time period, and you're pairing it with updated items. One skirt, two looks.And to be totally fair to the Grandma's, I understand how (now that everything from my childhood is coming back labeled "vintage", and jr. high kids think the 80's are so old-school awesome) you can find pieces over the years that you love and keep forever, and after 40 years your closet may look like a mish mash. It's cool–you keep your favorites from over the years and just laugh at the dumb 20 year olds who rediscover some fashion "nugget" that you thought had been rightfully buried years ago. Some things aren't worth recycling….Not there yet, but that kind of confidence from inside out is a nice place to be.

definitely hot!!! no worries there, you wear that skirt and show that nice body off! =)

The nature of pleats is that they add visual weight, so for anyone over 4% body fat, this would be a no! no! For you, it looks balanced and chic. If I were you, I would take advantage of being a children's medium and pair the skirt with a menswear longer, slouchy cardigan, cinched with a slim, embellished belt. There are just so mnay ways to take this. The skirt would look fantastic with a tee and ballet flats. Twirling would be encouraged. Ooh! You could also wear a really architecturally strong top with this. Major shoulders, interesting ruching, a jacket with pleated details in all the right places. You would look like a building; a tower of strength! I see this skirt taking you so many places.Above all, the sock indentations are a must:)

style has no age. my grandma was one of the most stylish women i have ever known. my other fave…Helen Mirren.

The skirt makes your legs look approximately 5,000 miles long, give or take a sock line or two.

I think it has potential, but it needs to be paired with a different top. A pop of color would look nice. Would I buy a pleated skirt for myself? Probably not.

HOT. I love pleated skirts. LOVE. If you want to distinguish yourself from the old ladies, where it with a bright color (maybe a neon scarf?) and possibly an untucked shirt (although I'm loving tucked-in blouses lately).

whitney, seriously great idea. i miss having sisters/roommates around!

I love this, but I agree that maybe a belt would help it flow a little better? My old roommate and I just created a blog based off of our fashion questions, because not having sisters or girl roommates around really puts a cramp in my

definitely hot, but it definitely needs color. the bright blue you mentioned in a top would be so pretty

Hot! I think it's adorable. I'd probably pair it with a punch of color to spice things up a bit.

I would try wearing it just an inch or two higher on your waist, and adding a skinny belt.

hot, sleek and sophisticated! I like how you've paired it with horizontal stripes.

I love your outfit here! Pleated skirts aren't easy to wear, but you look good and the outfit really works (I vote no tights). I even like the neutral color, although you could always dye it.That said, here's my beef with pleated skirts. I've fallen in love with them before, bought them, then realized that unless they lay very flat through the hips, they make me look wider. Not necessarily wide, but wider than usual (and I have wide hips). So I end up avoiding them, or if I do wear them, I have to give myself intermittent pep talks (WERQ!) and just end up putting my hands on my hips as much as possible. What I'm saying is I've tried to talk myself into liking these skirts before (own it! rock it! etc.), but it doesn't work for me. Eventually I just end up wearing something more flattering. That's me though–I'm short and curvy and have to cling to "figure-flattering" like a life raft.

Thanks everyone for your amazing feedback. I was thinking too, what about if I paired it with some hot pink tights?

I am going to bet a dollar, that the woman at your church didn't look as great as you in this skirt! I love it.

Hot–it's the shoes and the blouse that are making it not. How about some platforms or little ballet flats? I'm also thinking a bright belt and different top. If anyone can rock the pleated skirt, it would be you.

Love. It is a classic that can be easily twisted. If you use a discerning eye you will see differences between the "old lady" pleated skirts and the new pleated skirts that make them look fresh and current.

Pleated skirt: yay. I always love the old ladies' dresses in my ward. They're inspiring πŸ™‚

I have a very similar skirt in a floral version that I found in a vintage store and absolutely love. But yes, I do feel very church lady when I wear it, and unfortunately I haven't gotten much use out of it. I think I just need to get over the whole thing and embrace my impending middle age.

I love this skirt! Say yes to granny wearing! (that length of skirt is always complimentary, to any lady)

It's on the verge of um…not (…but!)…I see what you're saying. I find I do the same thing and second-guess myself. BUT…if you couple it with some very cool vintage Mary-Jane's-posh bright colored ones, with a very 40's stylish sweater or top…bam! You've got something there!

Love the skirt, but not the biggest fan of the color(I like the idea of blue). I like how you've paired the skirt with a bright striped shirt, though; it makes the color of the skirt look younger. Pair it with a colorful patent skinny belt, perhaps?Bottom line, ride the trend, lady. Pleated skirts are hot.

I know that pleated skirts are all the rage right now, but personally, I HATE them. I think they make everyone look sort of frumpy. They're just not flattering! Even if you're stick thin, I feel like they make you look wider. (Then again, take my fashion opinion with a grain of salt. The whole freakin' world seems to love skinny jeans and I think they're an utter travesty that looks good on exactly NO ONE!)

I love pleated skirts! I bought a wine-red Givenchy pleated skirt at Savers in college and still wear it all the time. Yes, they sometimes look old-ladyish, but some old ladies really know how to dress πŸ˜‰

hot. it's totally all in the way you style it. if my grandma styled that skirt that way i'd be thoroughly impressed.

i would definitely add a belt or something fresh and funky. i do like the idea of the bright colors too, but you could make the one you have pretty fun. You can pull the pleats off. But only keep it if you think you'll actually wear it. If not, get a skirt you love better!

I love it, and I'm shocked that you got it at American Apparel. Definitely not the typical thing I associate with them.

I'm very torn by the whole pleated skirt thing. It should be cute but often feels frumpy.The skirt is cute. Maybe a belt? What do I know?

I LOVE the shape but not the color. You always look amazing though.KaylaFreckles in April

Not. But that's because of the color. I think the color makes it feel more 'granny' like. A blue or red one would be perfect.

I'm not a fan of that shirt tucked into the skirt, but I do love the skirt overall. Wearing them with brights I think will help "fun" the look up. πŸ™‚

I think it's great and it suits you. But why not a skirt in a brighter colour?

I have a vintage black one and I can't decide either. I think it looks very cute on you though.

I dig it. I think it’s all about the proportions. You wearing this at the waist and it hitting right at the knee is a much more modern interpretation than granny’s hitting mid calf!

Hot but only because of the sock lines. And I like the neutral color.

Cute! But definitely needs to be with a cute stylish top to keep it from looking old lady-like!

Real style is being able to wear something well regardless if it's a little kid's item or a granny's item. Style is timeless -it doesn't change as much as fashion, and that skirt is 100% style.

I think that is the sort of skirt/outfit that only us ladies could love. I'm sure if we asked any guy if they like it, they'd say something like, "no way! it looks like an old lady skirt."So, I guess it depends on who you are dressing for… πŸ˜‰

Love the skirt. Not a fan of it with the top. (vertical and horizontal lines.)

I like the idea of adding a belt, and maybe a more romanticy top, something with ruffles or something a bit blousey, or with some kind of embellishment. I love the necklace, but I think that adding some waist definition (belt), and something definitively feminine on top will help eliminate any "blah" factor. I like the color, and I love the pleats, I just think the styling needs to go from "casual" (stripey T), to "girly" (ruffled blouse, pretty colors, belted waist)

i think it looks lovely. i have one from gap and get compliments on it all the time. i noticed today that cup of jo features a belt with one.

If you feel the need to hold the pleats down at the hips, I'd say it's not a trend worth embracing. I had an identical skirt when I was 18 and even with an 18 year old's body it was tough to pull off without being self-concious.

Thanks guys! I think you're right…a belt, maybe a brighter shade instead of that dull brown.

Hot. You have the perfect figure to pull it off. Give it a season; next year you'll wonder why you ever doubted it's hotness.

Looks great on you but not on me. πŸ™‚ I had a bunch of skirts like this in my awkward early teen years. . . .

i think it looks fantastic on you! the key is to pair it with young-looking fitted tops like you're wearing it.

HOT- especially when you pair it with nautical wear. I like the striped shirt but it would also go well with a fitted cable-knit sweater (saw one at a Ralph Lauren outlet this weekend). Still not feeling sexy? Put on some nylons with a seam up the back. I bet the old woman in your ward won't be wearing those! And remember, the best part about a pleated skirt is how it MOVES! Pictures just don't do it justice. The higher the heel, the more swish you give your gait. Work it girl, WORK IT! Own it!!!

my body shape can't carry off pleats, but i think the skirt is very cute on you. i vote for the blue though!

I always like them in theory, but I find that they make me look wider. So, I'm not a fan πŸ™‚

I went back and forth with pleats too, but I have decided that I am a fan. The best part is…they are all over my local thrift store. I found so many for so cheap! Plus, this looks super cute on you!

Hmmm not my personal choice, but maybe the blue one you talked about would be better?- Sarah

The question is do you feel hot in the skirt? If you do, then it is hot. If you don't, then it's a not. It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

I have a nearly identical skirt and I always get a ton of compliments on it. I feel like it's more of a winter skirt though.

i haven't personally tried one on, but they've looked fabulous on everyone else i've seen. and there are some great inspirational looks on Pinterest for similar skirts!

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