Hello Sponsors: Katie Draws You

The sponsor I’m introducing to you today is an artist with a really special niche. Her company is called Katie Draws You and she specializes in drawing woman who have lost their hair due to medical reasons, such as chemotherapy. She does other portraits as well, but these ‘bare head’ ones are her specialty. I have a younger brother who went through chemotherapy, and so this is particularly meaningful to me, and probably to many of you that have loved ones who have also been through similar treatments.

Reading her struggle as an artist going through chemotherapy right here is very touching. I love what she says right here that “Having a portrait done and being able to proudly hang it in your home inspires us with a reminder of our strength and amazing ability to overcome such painful moments. Even though not many of us enjoy being bald it is truly a badge of honor never to be forgotten or dismissed”. I love this.  
This would be such a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones (maybe for Mother’s Day?) that are learning to embrace their treatment and the newness of their hair loss. Her portraits are really lovely and I adore her style of illustration. Read more about Katie Draws You right here , read about portrait options here and  request a portrait right here.
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