DIY: Velvet Cloud Pillow

Turns out there are several other widely acceptable uses for the mediocre velvet cloud pillow I made last week:

A pirate hat

A teething toy, a hiding place

An unidentified flying object

A stylish ‘stach

A neck pillow, ‘mom take a picture of my foot’

Happy Monday!


thanks for writing back about the fabric! which outlet? I live in San Francisco.

too funny. And cute pillow (I'm having a moment with blue velvet)

Ooh I love a cloud pillow. Especially when used as a 'tache or a pirate hat! Your boy is brilliant!

Mary, just from a fabric outlet store here. It's kind of dreamy, right? I just didnt love how the pillow turned out but you win some you lose some!

The pirate hat is my favorite. Such a clever boy, that Hank.

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