DIY: Pom Pom Garland

I have a lot of fun experimenting with making pom pom for a tutorial on Momtastic. Even when they aren’t perfect (as you can see, mine were not above), they are still really fun for a party or to decorate a kids room.

I love that they require zero special skills/equipment, except the ability to count without being too distracted. You can do so many things with color combinations, my favorite version was using monochromatic colors.

You can do so many other things with pom pom like these wreaths. Any crafts you’ve made with them?

See the full tutorial on making a pom pom garland right here.


Hi laura! it took probably about 30-45 minutes to make the pom poms. good luck!

Just curious: Approximately how long did it take to make them? Love the idea!

what cute little pom-poms – and it my favorite shades of blue!

mamamchale, sorry i didn't get your email! you were right in thinking it would be up my ally. i'd love to see your valentine version!

so funny. i made one of these in pinks around valentines day and hung it on the white mantle. for some reason i thought you would love it and tried to email it to you but my email was rejected. oh well. anyhow, i read your blog nearly daily and i can be the worst at commenting….so thanks for all you do! love your creativity. and have a blast in new orleans! so jealous!

I love projects that are simple and easy like this one. And pennants and poms are my fave!!!

Like I've said before, what's a party without pom poms =)Thanks for sharing.- Sarah

i made something similar but in white and red at Christmas. I love pom poms! i left up a few just white ones in our hall bathroom just for a whimsical feel through the early winter/spring! soon, flowers will go up in their place, but i will secretly miss the poms.i love your colors, super cute!

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