DIY: Gold Helvetica Tee

I have a new love for gold metallic fabric paint after making this gold helvetica tee last week. I thought I might have moved on from freezer stencil projects (see bread bag, whale tee, golden gate bridge tee, glitter tie and bowtie tees here) but that was before gold fabric paint and I met. Come live in my heart and pay no rent…

This version is probably the easiest stencil project I’ve made. That is, if you’re also making a letter with lots of straight lines. If you’re making an shirt for a ‘Sally’ or ‘Sam’ you’ll be cursing my name.

See the full instructions here on Momtastic.


oh you are just the queen of these adorable tees. thanks so much for all the tutorials. genius.

So shiny! It's my goal this year to move on from freezer paper stencils to screen printing, but screen printing takes know-how and equipment, and freezer paper stencils are total instant gratification.

tee hee this is so cute!!! love your freezer stencil projects

So cute!!!! As I am from Switzerland, I love the Helvetica of course 🙂

That's really cute! I need to try the freezer paper stencils sometime.

ohh i love that the gold paint shows up so shiny and metallic – i have acquired a recent obsession with painting fabric and will need to try this out!

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