DIY: Decoupage Surprise Eggs

easter surprise eggs

These decoupage surprise eggs are super easy to make and would make great place settings for an Easter dinner or nestled in grass inside an Easter basket (like this one I made a couple weeks back). Everyone will enjoy cracking them open and discovering treats and treasures inside.
Would you like to see how to make them?

1. Using a pairing knife, gently crack and remove the very top of the egg. Reserve the inside for omelets. Carefully wash out including the film at the bottom. Let dry completely over night.

2. Fill to the brim with colorful candy (if they’re unwrapped candy, make sure egg is completely dry inside)

3. Cut up tissue paper. Take a few pieces and apply mod podge around the sides with a foam brush to secure top. Continue covering the egg with tissue paper and mod podge.


4. After covering with tissue paper, turn the egg on its flat side and let dry completely. Because one end is flat, it will stand perfectly on its own for a table setting (bonus: no egg stands required!)

Break open and enjoy! You could even put in sweet notes for each person or other little treasures/gifts.


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