A Little Housekeeping

I always come home from conferences being super inspired to work hard and get my shiz together, and this one was no exception. In the spirit of spring cleaning, I have a few blog housekeeping items to share:

1. I started a Say Yes to Hoboken facebook page (sounds kinda dorky, I know) but I’m going to start to post additional peeks into craft tutorials and some local San Francisco visitor tips there so go ahead and ‘like it’ so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. I have something exciting planned for next week on the page you won’t want to miss so stay tuned!

2. I’d like to learn more about you as readers so I can make this a better place for you to visit. I’ll love you forever if you took this super quick survey right here if you have a second. Pretty pretty please? It’s also located towards the bottom of my right column if you like to take it later. I’ll leave it up for a week or so. Thank you so much for your help!

3.  If you’ve noticed, on the right hand column, I’ve created little buttons for my recent craft and sewing projects. I’m kind of horrible at photoshop, and these took way longer to make than they should have so do me a favor and check them out. I’ll update these regularly so you won’t miss anything!

4. If you aren’t already, you can follow me right here on twitter. Sometimes I get a little irreverent after 10pm. Just a warning…

Thanks everyone!
(chalkboard slate map from here)


That NJ chalkboard map is absolutely adorable-like Brandi, I'm a former Jersey girl living in CA!

Thanks Callie! You're making me feel better about being a dork

love the chalk board map!!not dorky at all, it makes it easier to get updates! I need to do it myself, I just haven't had the time.I like the buttons on the side for your sewing and other crafts.xxxcallie

Mary, that's fine! You don't have to answer any that you aren't comfortable with. I'm just trying to get an idea of my demographic

I took the survey although I opted out of answering the household income question.

PS Kristina that link didn't work, but I'd love to see your project if you want to share the link again

Brandi, I know I miss Hoboken too. Cute chalkboard map, don't you think?

I love this whole little scene. I'm a NJ transplant in CA, and I miss my home state a bit.

Not dorky at all Liz, I was surprised you didn't have a page already! I just made one for my toddler blog over the weekend: http://goo.gl/fpX2sLove the NJ chalkboard map. Can't wait to read about some SF finds you have. Since I live in the East Bay, we're always looking for an excuse to come into the city and check some new things out. Especially interested in anything fun for kids.

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