Rainy Day Rainbows

I kind of forgot that besides wearing green, shamrocks, and eating dry meat and biscuits, St Patrick’s Day is also about rainbows! And gold! Henry really loves gluing and cutting lately so we cut up a bunch of pieces of construction paper and made rainbow ‘trains’ of like colors to fill in the rainbow. He was super into it for about 25 minutes. Next, I was going to help him glue chocolate coins at the bottom but got hungry decided to use them as bribery for later.

Doing anything fun for St Patrick’s Day?
For more ideas, I’m sharing favorite St Patrick’s Day crafts and super creative St Patrick’s Day favors on Babble this week.


Very cute rainbow idea. My Lily would love that. Will Henry be making a leprechaun trap? We've been trying to catch a terrible little leprechaun for years with no luck. He leaves little green footprints, green milk, and rude notes.

we have one in progress posted to mark when L eats foods the color of the rainbow…

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