National Geographic’s Floating House

This past weekend National Geographic experimented creating a floating house just like in Up with colorful weather balloons,300 in fact. Amazing, right? It flew 10,000 feet high and for about an hour. The images are really pretty. It will be part of a new National Geographic Channel series called How Hard Can it Be?

That guy waving from the house is a lot braver than I!


that is amazing!i loved that movie so much. because of the the theater i was in awe over the talent of artists that put that idea together.found you from marta writes today!:)

So cool! I need to show this to my son. He is going to love it!

My son climbed in the car after school and told me he had a quiz for me. The first questions was, "Can a house fly with balloons?" Of course I said no, and he told me all about this picture he had seen. So Cool!

omg, OBSESSED! i LOVE LOVE LOVE Up! all of those colorful balloons bring a smile to my face 🙂 xo,joAnn

i love this – UP is such an amazing movie. it's fun to see a real-life version of the house.

so cool! i love UP! wish i could've been there. thanks for sharing!

Wow! This is amazingly fabulously brilliant, and beautiful too. Thanks so much for sharing!

that is absolutely amazing! I did wonder, after seeing the movie, if it was possible.

My husband had showed me a website it was on yesterday and was so excited about it. He is hoping that Disney will do some sort of ride out of the UP house. I myself would be excited to see something like that as well. Also I can't wait to see the show about this.

Wow how cool – I would not want to be the guy in the house though!

I am stunned. And giddy. Those feelings contradict, and it's how I feel.

Best thing ever. Did you ever hear about that guy who wanted to float over his fence to his next door neighbors on his lawn chair so he attached weather balloons to it? He was armed with a bebe gun to shoot them down but then he went way to high and had to get rescued. He may have died, I can't remember the end of the story. I may have been watching this on a late night how dumb can they be type of shows. Don't judge me.

I saw this yesterday too! Just as magical in real life. I just wish that adorable boy scout was real too…I just want to pinch those cheeks!

Wow, that is amazing! After seeing the movie, I had to wonder if someone, somewhere would try it.

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