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Like everyone, my heart goes out to Japan and the devastation they’re experiencing. My husband lived in the Sendai area of Japan for two years as a missionary and has had a few sleepless nights practicing his Japanese by emailing old friends, and hoping to get a response back. We’ve been glued to at night watching updates and have been planning out our own emergency preparedness and escape plans (this site is helpful). This isn’t the first large-scale disaster, but it’s been particularly difficult to watch as no other country comes close to Japan’s level of preparedness. I  heard on NPR that we are at least 5 years behind Japan in the type of technology to properly build, predict, alert, and organize our citizens (although can anyone really be prepared for a disaster of this magnitude?). It’s a little bit of a wake up call, don’t you think? I’ve been working on packing our ‘go bag‘.
Are there any things you’re doing or thinking about differently?

A few links:
Apartment Therapy posted some ways to help and donate here.
100% of the profits from this $25 by W+K Studio  goes to help Japan. My new office mate, Victoria, had a great idea to display it in her window (Oh! did I tell you I’m sharing an office a couple days a week with some other San Francisco bloggers? More on that later!)
Also, if you haven’t seen this video, it’s incredible. I’ve been following this facebook page and it’s been really interesting as a Westerner. These before/after photos are really insane.
On a happier note: Two incredible survivals stories about a 4 month old baby and a man found 10 miles out to sea

Other ideas on how to help?


wow, thanks for posting all of these links. i have not been able to tune into the news and get updates so this is really helpful. xxoo

as a newbie to San Fran, I'm totally making sure my husband and I have our "go pack" together! I know in the knit world there are a few designers who are selling their patterns to raise monies to help! One is

Of course I want to mention the LDS church's website

We are re-doing our 72 hour kit backpacks this weekend. I remember in Indonesia in 2004, hearing about an American family who couldn't call home to let their families know they were okay because they lost their cell phones and didn't have of the phone numbers. I keep thinking I need to have a list of numbers somewhere. Heaven forbid I memorize any of them.

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