DIY Purple Striped Market Tote

Last year I made a striped beach tote and this year I found some perfect purple striped canvas weight fabric at my local fabric outlet for only $4 a yard and knew I wanted to make another version. 

Would you like to learn how to make one too? Okay! Keep reading!

1. Cut two pieces of striped fabric about 17 x 17, heavier weight fabric is better. Sew along the right and left sides (red arrows above).

2. Fold it so the seam you just sewed is in the middle, iron it flat and sew straight across the bottom

3. Pinch and fold the corners into a triangle, measure about 2 inches from the point and sew a vertical line at that point (where the red arrow is). Cut off the excess triangle.
4. Now you’ll do the same thing with a lining fabric (I just used a muslin type fabric) except leave about 3” open at the bottom to turn right side out.

5. Now put the two bags right side together inside each other and pin along the top, then sew them together all the way around the top.
6.Reach through the bottom hole, bring the striped fabric through and turn them both right side out. Now measure from the bottom to top including a handle to make the straps. Each of my straps measured 40 inches including seam allowance.

7. Cut two pieces of 40” (or whatever measurement you just came up with) x about 4”. Fold them each in half and sew the loooong way and one short way. Turn them each inside out.
8. Pin them on either side of the bag starting underneath and sew two lines as indicated up each strap stopping at the top of the bag.

9. Lastly, fold the handle on itself, starting about 1 1/2 inches above the top of the bag, pin and sew along the pins.


I used a flower fabric and it looks beautiful, plus I attached a pouch with velcro inside and an open pocket on the outside, I love it! now my daughter and mother want one! thanks.

You did a GREAT job making this look so easy! I can't wait to give it a try. 🙂 Thanks!

I made your yellow beach tote just two days ago and LOVE it. Thanks for the tuitorial

this bag looks like a great beach tote! definitely going to attempt this once i buy my sewing machine!

wow this is such a cute tote! i just may have to try my hand at one 🙂

I love the purple stripes. Can't wait to see the bag at the Outer Banks! Actually, I just can't wait for the Outer Banks; the bag is just a plus.

What a perfect thing to make for the beginning of spring! Totally gets you in the mood. =) Thanks for sharing!- Sarah

Thank you for sharing. I will be making a couple of these bags for gifts. They are perfect to bring to your local farmers market or the beach 🙂

I love this! I already have a purse in the line up of things I'm going to make but I might just have to add this to the list.

This is the chicest grocery market basket I've ever seen, I need one!!

Totally gorgeous. I'm working on sewing my own first market tote so I'm going to hold off on this one for a little while, but if things go bad I'll be visiting that shop! Haha.

These totes are fabulous! I want one for sure. And if I get one, I have to move to a tiny village in France where they have quaint farmers' markets. Le sigh…

BTW,I have a panini pan for the stove top and I love it!! Not only do I make grilled cheese goodness! I grill vegetables and chicken too! xxcallie

I love the natural linen look of these totes! I have one in green,and i do enjoy filling it with great stuff at the farmers market!xxcallie

oh this is so cute for the farmer's market, and much nicer than the ratty old canvas totes I schlep around.

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