DIY: Easter Crafts Part 1

I’m sharing several Easter crafts over at Momtastic the next few weeks, here are my first two: Wheat Grass Grown in Eggs Shells and a Paper Mache Easter bowl. For some reason my head has been spinning lately with Easter crafts, could be the high level of sugar in my blood from buying those cadbury mini crack eggs every. time. i. see. them. It’s a good thing they’re only around for one month out of every year. Seriously.


Just did this myself and it looks so cheery on my kitchen table. Thanks so much for posting!

Love your wheatgrass shells! I am going to try this with cress – just need to work out how to crack the egg without smashing the shells into tiny pieces!Blue SkiesCharlotte

wheat grass! just started growing it last year. so much fun with the kids. great way to do it!

We are definitely doing the wheat grass eggs this weekend! What a fun and simple project for the little ones!

Love the grass eggs, I've got a very similar thing growing on my kitchen table, only they are filled with chives!

Oh those wheat grass eggs would be so cute for an Easter place setting!- Sarah

how cute are those little grass eggs! thanks for the project inspiration!

These projects are fantastic! We're desperate for some grass around here since we got snowed on AGAIN. The bowls will make great gifts for the grandparents on Easter. Thank you. 🙂

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