The Commission Project

I hear there are a couple spots left in Paul and Jordan’s commission project that’s been super popular, and this round will be ready just in time for Mother’s Day! I saw quite a few of them in person during the holiday round and they are really gorgeous.

It’s super easy: you send in a photo, and Paul paints a 5×7 painting for a flat rate of $240 including shipping and framing. Read more about the details of it here and how to snag one of the last spots!


What an ingenious idea! A client of my dad's had an artist do small paintings of us after just a single meeting, and they're so colorful and lovely! I love how small they are, and these are exactly the same scale!

very cool! That would make a great Christmas gift for grandparents.

I love his work! I just can't afford it right now but maybe one day!

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