Rainy Day Boat Building

It has been super rainy here the last week or so and we’ve been stuck indoors pulling out hair out one too many afternoons. To keep Henry entertained I’ve been trying to do a lot of kid friendly projects and crafts with him, so I’ll be sharing a few of them over the next couple weeks.
One we did last week was make this popsicle stick boat.

Henry has gotten pretty good at using glue and was able to glue everything himself, only needed a little guidance on stick placement.

The rainbow sticks were a bonus because mr. independent got quite a thrill out of choosing demanding the color each time, and of course they’re just plain pretty to look at


Love it. I remember doing this when I was a child…only with paper. Your boy is adorable. I pray nightly for a kid with strawberry blonde hair. 🙂

wendy, yes Henry is mostly always naked :)girlseeksplace, bought the sticks just at the craft store, michaels i think, a while back. pretty, huh!

it has been so rainy here too, so thanks for the great idea! also, i have a post up tomorrow sharing your pouch tutorial. just wanted to say thank you for the great lesson, as i have been wanting to master a zipper for a while and i also may be obsessed with pouches, so that was super fun!

My 3 year old would LOVE this. Thanks for the idea!Also, we have super similar headers. Great minds!KaylaFreckles in April | a modest clothing blog

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