DIY: Oilcloth Pencil Case

When my mother was in town last week I was the queen of efficiency. She’d whisk Henry away on errands and activities and I’d buckle down and work. My mom also did cute things like call Henry ‘visual’ for liking tv, and a’ photographer prodigy’ for accidentally taking artsy pictures with my phone. Aren’t moms the best?


Anyway, so I have quite a few DIY tutorials to show for it in the next few weeks. This may look like a a basic oilcloth pencil case, but that’s just a facade. It’s actually a tutorial for all you zipper-phobic friends out there to learn once and for all how to sew a zipper. And you’ll soon find out that it’s not very hard at all.

Once you learn to sew a zipper you’re officially in the intermediate sewing club which means you’ll get invited to fancy black tie soirees and rub shoulders with beautiful celebs. Well, if there were any such intermediate events, I’d totally invite you.
See detailed instructions for making this oilcloth zippered pencil case right here on Momtastic.


thank you for your clear explanation and beautiful photos; they helped a lot when i tried to make an oilcloth pocket to store a little present!

I love this so much. The oilcloth makes it look SO nice and not like a typical crafty fabric DIY. (Which I'm not a big fan of 🙂 I also love the gold metal zipper. Great job!

wow this looks really simple, i'm going to try it!

perfect. i've been looking for a tutorial like this for a while now. thanks!

Just what I need! Thanks for the easy-to-follow tutorial! 🙂

Tegan, you can do it! Thanks for coming out of the shadows 😉

So I don't think I've ever commented, but have followed for a while now. THANK YOU so much for this! I have a gathered clutch sitting next to the sewing machine to be finished and I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it. This is just the motivation I need to get it done. Awesome!

Thank you SO much!! I made small denim pouches for all the teachers at Christmas and I spent hours trying to figure out how to put a zipper in… I finally gave up! So, thank you!!

Thanks for sharing this cute idea! I new to zippering & can't wait to give it a try!!

what a FUN tutorial! Thanks for sharing…these would make such great gifts! [they could also be makeup bags!]

oh maan. where were you a month ago when i was sewing a zippered pillow????

Great idea! I need a little makeup bag for my purse…this might work nicely. And I am one of those people who fear zippers. They just never turn out right for me… 🙁

I am one of those zipper phobic readers! Thanks for this!

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