DIY: Glittery Valentine’s Day Banner

Remember growing up with glittery heart banners were everywhere around Valentine’s Day? I specifically remember our 3rd grade teacher hanging up dozens of them around the classroom on the first of February and thinking I’d died and gone to glitter heaven when I stepped into the classroom.

So today I have a tutorial up on Momtastic right here on how to make this throwback of a glittery Valentine’s Day banner, just like that one you remember hanging up when you were a kid.


Can we talk about how cute your outfit is? If that is indeed you in the background.

I wish I was having a Valentine's day party or something because this is adorable!! =)Melanie's Randomness

Hey guys! So the skirt was actually thrifted. It was super long so I had to hem it to my knees.

your outfit is SO cute! where is your shirt and skirt from???

Love this idea! I don't remember it either! BUT, I cannot help by notice her outfit in the background. Love that too!

That is beyond adorable. And, it IS such a throw back! XOCarlyall this is grace and charm

How darling! I'm a sucker for hearts, and glitter is too powerful to resist!

Well. Maybe my 3rd grade teacher was forward thinking? Haa

I don't remember them either, but maybe thats cos I'm from the UK!Sooo pretty though!

I don't ever remember a glittery heart banner. But that doesn't matter, because NOw I Want One!

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