Anthropologie’s New Wedding Line

Anthropologie’s new wedding line, B H L D N,  launched on Valentine’s Day. Hooray! I knew the gowns would be gorgeous but. seriously. The accessories, bridesmaid dresses, shoes, etc. are all equally incredible.
I admit I spent quite a bit of time drooling over everything and today I am sharing my very favorites from their line right here on babble. What do you think? What did I miss? Now I only wish I had a wedding to plan!

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Love love Anthro, just not their prices. The only things I own from them? A belt, some perfume, and the perfect blue & white print oversized hot chocolate mug.

o my goodness, i saw those aqua shoes and about died!! i can't afford them, but still they are gorgeous!

would you like to plan MY wedding??? I wish I could afford a wedding planner…there is so much to think of!!!!PLS help!Ylenia

One of my best friends is getting married and I am Maid of Honor and we have yet to find the perfect dress – we may finally be in luck. Thanks for sharing!

Such gorgeous offerings-I don't know if I could pick favorites!

Me too. (wish I had a wedding to organise, haven't been to one in ages) Those green shoes are gorgeous!

Ugh – This almost makes me cry to look at… My wedding is next month and I agonized trying to find bridesmaid dresses just like those from Anthro… The dresses I ultimately chose are lovely…but I'm still digging Antro's choices more. Sigh. XoCarlyall this grace and charm

Completely blown away! Everything is so gorgeous. The shoes…I can't! And I LOVE the hair accessories!

I can atest from being up close to them, the shoes are divine! Well, really, everything is 🙂

To me, the shoes are absolutely the best part… and you don't have to be a bride to wear those!

oh, goodness. their shoes are utter perfection. for every day occasions in my book.

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