Valentine’s Day Traditions

Normally for Jared and I a romantic Valentine’s Day means things awkwardly cut into the shape of hearts, dinner actually at the table, and maybe a special chocolate dessert (which, lets be honest, is more for me).

{romantic pizza via One Charming Part}

But, last year I was in a lovey-dovey mood. I typed up sweet little notes and rolled them into these capsules for Jared to find wrapped up inside a surprise ball. More details about it here. It was kind of wonderful to sit down and think about all the sweet things to say and I’d love to do something like it again.

Here are some sweet love note inspiration for your Valentine:

Three years by Angela

 Matchbook valentines from

Teeny Tiny Love Notes

 Amazing Book of Notes by fellow Alt Summit panelist Danni

All these love notes are making me inspired to do something sweet again.  Do you play up the Valentine’s Day romance? Seems that Valentine’s Day gets clogged up with crafts and treats for kids and something for our own Valentine becomes an afterthought. What traditions do you have with your Valentine?  I’d love to hear your ideas!


Creative and sweet and not close to cloying. Love all these ideas! Thanks for the inspiration.

i loved all your valentine's day ideas! thanks for sharing them. i used the heart pizza idea from one charming party in my most recent post, also full of valentine's day inspiration from around the web!, thanks so much. i love your site!-sarah

well my husband sure is in luck i read your post this year. because i thought about valentine's day this morning and a big X and buzzer sound (think family feud) came into my head. but NOW, now perhaps he will get a felt (or pepperoni) heart. or maybe a little note even!

all these photos are so so lovely. thanks for the eye candy! love your blog so much.

My husband and I had a long-distance relationship while we were dating. He was in public accounting and I traveled a great deal for work so we lived off of email. One year I printed them all out and had them bound at the local copy store. Every Valentine's Day we reread those crazy-in-love emails and watch Casablanca together.

Wow I love the lil book or any of the note ideas. How clever. For once I may have a Valentine so have to come up with something good!!

These are such sweet ideas! I make handmade Valentines every year (although I have yet to get on it in 2011!) and my sweetheart always gets the most special one!

that pizza idea is so cute – i heart heart-shaped food! 🙂

The heart shaped pepperoni is really getting me into the Valentine's Day spirit – so funny! Also, that book of notes is really sweet! Thanks for posting.

Love the pepperonis! We generally just try to do something fun together, and the past few years have been making dinner together at home. It's just way too crazy to go out that night!

great ideas, liz. Love all those sweet note inspiration

annily- love heart shaped stuff. that's kind of my default for holidays too :)the babbymama- my husband is exactly the same! ha!

Love these ideas – and I'd be inspired to do some, too, except my husband doesn't give a rat's tush about Valentine's Day, even if he's the one getting the gift!Lucky that my Babby was born that day, so I have an excuse when people ask if the BabbyDaddy got me anything!

LOVE all the inspiration here, may have to try that romantic pizza! 😉 and so honored to be included in your post, thanks Liz! xo, danni

I love these ideas!!! Thank you! I am almost always scrambling at the last minute to have something ready for the big day. This year I have told myself that I will be prepared.

the pepperoni! how cute is that. thanks for including my little love letter 🙂

i tend to just make as much of the food for the day into hearts as i can. (heart-shaped roasted veggies was a HUGE waste of time last year, though….way too much work, and you could barely tell.) i love the pepperoni idea. our other tradition is my favorite….i buy a piece of art that i've had my eye on but is maybe too expensive to justify without a lovey holiday. i give it to my husband, but i'm totally coming out ahead there. 🙂

That pizza is just the best idea I've seen. We are utterly useless and unromantic on the day – got to shape up. We have a date night at least once a week, so hopefully try and spread it out through the year. Must try harder though!

We order take-out from a nice restaurant. Became a tradition before kids but now we do the same thing and just wait to eat dinner after the kids go to sleep. We set the table nicely, light candles, etc. Romantic dinner, no fuss and hassle of dealing with the restaurant. And I echo the nice dessert – wouldn't be Valentine's without it! Sometimes I make it, sometimes I order something from a bakery or the the heart-shaped pepperoni is killing me – sooo cute!

michelle- thanks, you are sweet! i think i'm leaning towards the heart shaped pepperoni though…

wendy- going out is always a bad experience for us. even if you make reservations i've had valentines day where i've still waited for like an hour! uggg. does that work you though? anyone else go out?

Whatever you end up doing, it will be super cute and sweet, fun!

I always want to do something cute but have a hard time deciding what. We usually end up just going out for a nice meal

we aren't very romantic too. maybe some flowers if i'm lucky? cute ideas!

I've seen a heart shaped pizza {the dough}, but never heart shapped pepperoni! Cute! Love all these ideas.

Great ideas. I think I just might need to make my hubby a v-day card. Thanks for the great ideas.

That pizza is too cute with the heart-shaped pepperonis!! =) I love the lil love note idea! This is my first Valentine's day with my guy so I might do that. It's adorable! =)Melanie's Randomness

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