Sequin Wrapping

I know, Christmas is long gone *snif *snif but these sequin wrapping ideas at Grey Likes Weddings are still super inspiring.

Sidenote: How do you explain to a 3 yr old that Christmas movies are only to be played during the Christmas season? I’m sooo sick of Frosty the Snowman. I do not want him to be that kid that’s into Christmas year round.


Haha! After having to read a variety of Christmas books throughout the year, I was tired of it. Then, the kids got an adorable stuffed singing Rudolph. I couldn't take it. I pack books and Christmas toys into a box that only gets unpacked at Christmas. Do it, you will feel better.

Our problem is Christmas songs! Elsa always wants to sing Rudolph & jingle bells. I've made a little progress this week with her only wanting rudolph… See you tomorrow I hope

Oh its heavenly!! And yes, we are still playing Polar Express for my train crazed son, and its about to drive me nuts! Oh well…it could be worse…like Teletubbies.

Agreed on the sequins anytime idea. They're hot!Also, duh about the packing movies away with the Christmas stuff. Why hadn't we been doing that? Thanks guys!

I'm the mean mom who packs away the Christmas movies along with the Christmas decorations.

Hi there, nice to meet you, Jody here, (Oakland)Love your blog (it's like going on vacation and inspired use of sequins!

Frosty isn't Christmasy in our nest – I was just singing the song the other day to calm Wren down and keep her happily riding in the sled as we were walking down the sidewalk… when I started singing "silent night," well, now that was too much!

We pack up the Christmas books and Christmas movies in the Christmas boxes. It is exciting for the kids, because they forget about them until we open the box the next year!

We pack up all the Christmas books and movies and music with the Christmas decorations. Then they are exciting and new when we pull them out the day after thanksgiving

I hear you on the Christmas thing. I still can't believe all the lights and trees I see up. For some reason the whole January-fresh start-new year hit me hard this year and the decorations came down early 🙂

Can you pack the DVD with the Christmas decorations? That way, he only comes out once a year? ; )

Well, I guess Frosty could fit into a more general "winter" category since he's a snowman. My kids have requested "The Grinch" in July. ???

Those don't look too Christmasy, they could definitely pass for a birthday present.

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