DIY: Glitter Tie and Bow Tie Tees

I kind of regret not making one of these toddler glitter tees in my size, because I’d totally sport that silver one if given the chance and proper occasion (i.e. trip to the grocery store).

The freezer stencil is probably the easiest I’ve ever done. Literally it takes 5 seconds to cut out. That’s how easy a freezer stencil should be, but yet so many of them turn into a pointer finger’s worst nightmere.

I used a glitter fabric paint, but in retrospect, I’m wondering if anyone has used just a clear fabric paint and then  applied glitter directly on top. It might have helped produce a more even distribution of glitzy glitter. Maybe in the adult-sized version I’ll try that technique.

Find the full instructions, including downloadable templates for the bow and bow tie, here on Momtastic.

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I love this project idea and can't wait to try it! I think I'll make a pink bow tie t-shirt for myself! 🙂

Coming out of the shadows to say how much I love these. I would totally wear one, too. 🙂

holy cow these are fantastic. i adore them. i am making one for my 5-year-old and every other 5-year-old boy I know.

Liz- what kind brand of shirts do you use for kids for these projects? I want to do some fun shirts a la Hoboken, but want quality and cheap. Am i asking too much?

Love these! So simple, yet something about the grown-up design on a tiny shirt is irresistible. Great job!

Hi Liz,I wanted to let you know that the link for your bowtie stencil is actually another necktie stencil.Love this idea! I'm thinking it would make for great birthday gifts for my son's preschool friends!

would love to do this technique for simple alphabet letter t-shirts (ala American Apparel's Helvetica shirts). Just adorable. Way to go once again Liz!

both our little boys are getting these. will ahve to pray for patience first though. & lots of deep breaths. & a babysitter so glitter doesn't end up in places glitter shouldn't be.Thanks for the how-to! I love it!xo, Shannon in Boise

Thank you soooo much for this! I want to try making one for myself! It's soo cool! However the links don't work…

Nice to meet you, Jody here (Oakland). Those t-shirts are wonderful, I'm sure there is loads of big persons out there would love those bow ties too!

Wow, such a simple but great idea. It looks so easy too!!

This is so cool. I'd definitely want one for me!xo MODELmumma

M and E, good point. I still had a hard time make it consistent but I guess that's the nature of glitter!

So cute. I'm going to make myself one. Soon! I think regular glitter would actually be worse. I think you'd be shedding glitter forever! At least this way the glitter is sort of stuck in the paint and can't really escape!

How fun, cute, and easy! I am always so impressed with the things you make.

these are so cute! well done.I'd love to make these for my nephews. 🙂

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