DIY: Framed Jewelry Organizer

New Years Resolution #3: Organize my jewelry

My necklaces had gotten so tangled and twisted in my jewelry box, they needed a serious intervention for the new year. I’ve had this cool thrifted frame around for a while and decided to add some pegboard in the back to make an organizer that could be displayed.

My favorite part are the pretty knobs and hooks.  Found them on sale at Anthropologie.
How do you organize your necklaces? 
See more details from the project here on Momtastic.


ugghh. i need to organize my jewelry SOOOO horrible bad. love this idea. LOOOOOOVE it. ur rad.

not only do i have a collection of old frames and no more wall space (you've seen my tiny place), I also buy random knobs from anthro when they're on sale for $2.95, thinking i'll refurbish a bureau someday (when??) this is perfect- thanks liz!

This is so beautiful and so do-able! Thank you for posting! I have a ton of wily jewelry to organize!

I actually have something really similar: Mine just has those cheap screw-hooks an inch apart along the top of a frame-I love how it frames nice neat rows of my necklaces on the wall!

so great! I tried a similar project, i love not having my necklaces in knots anymore! yay. Happy 2011!

I made the same thing last year! My husband bought me a big, beautiful gold frame at a junk shop, and I added light blue peg board. I left most of the holes open for earrings, but I bought a pack of wooden pegs at the craft store, painted them gold, and hang my necklaces from them along the bottom of the frame. It is one of the best projects ever, and adds some much-needed color to my bedroom wall. Here's a link:

I love your frame organizer, especially since you used a frame you already had and painted out your pegboard, it's lovely! I found some great knobs at Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and put them directly into my wall, i'll be posting a photo of them on my blog

Love this idea!! I have been afraid to organize my jewelry box because I didn't know where to start. This seems like the perfect solution! Thanks!

I just reorganized my necklaces this weekend. I love your frame, but we have a small bedroom and I wanted something that was visually unobtrusive. I didn't want to girly up our bedroom space too much. We have Ikea closets, so I got a neat pegged rack that can slide in and out. Now I've got a place to store necklaces, belts, and scarves that keeps them untangled and out of sight.

That turned out really cute. I need to do something similar as have a half finished dressing room and that would make great art and storage.

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