DIY: Fabric Bow Belt

I’m surprised it has taken me almost a year of being completely obsessed with bows to make this simple fabric bow belt. It’s been spinning around in my head for a while, but for some reason it just never materialized until now.

Originally I was going to make it honeysuckle (since it’s the color of 2011 or haven’t you heard), but this mustard yellow fabric was calling my name that morning and it goes with everything. I especially love it with this polka dot dress.

If you’re sickly obsessed with bows like me, I’m sharing my process to make this easy bow belt with  directions and photos over here at Momtastic.

Proof of my big bow craft obsession:
Big Bow Pillow
Bow Hair Clip
Sequin Bow Shoe Clips
Big Bow Pencil Skirt


I wonder if there's a self-help book for loving bows too much. I've made some very cute bow headbands this same way.

Love the colour, one of my most favorites!! Have a wonderful weekend, Kristina

lifeofkevrik- YES you're right! I did forget the wreath bow. It' still hanging, even though Christmas is over because I like it so much!

You forgot to add your adorable wreath to your bow list! I love the belt. Especially the yellow.

Lovely bow! I've been lurking for sometime now, wanted to say hi, and that Deb Barlow (of Slow Muse blog) mentioned you're related, small small world (I love her blog, too).xTerresa

Holy hell, I LOVE this! I have one like it in black patent leather and I can't get enough of it!

perfect! you did a great job. i think it's time for an etsy shop!

That is totally charming. Nothing beats yellow and polks dots. XoCarlyAll this is Grace and Charm

So pretty- and, yes, perfection with that polka dot dress.

This is great! I have a dress that needs a belt asap. Thanks! love it!

love bows + that yellow, so cute!! Hope to see you here at Alt Summit!

I AM sickly obsessed with bows! It's so cute! I've been knitting bows and attaching them to things lately. They're so easy, it's hard not to.

So cute! When are you going to go into the bow-selling business?

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