Copper Pipe Necklace

I like to imagine that a sweet old plumber came up with this idea when he was on the job and  brainstorming about what to get his dear wife for their 50th wedding anniversary. Then when he presents her with this beautiful necklace she thinks it’s rose gold from the jewelry shop in town and gets mad at him for spending their savings on such an expensive necklace.When he tells her he made it from parts of a copper pipe she tears up and tells him he’s the most brilliant plumber with the cutest crack she’s ever laid eyes on. Awww, sweet story ain’t it? 

{PS I Made This}


yeah! (i love the bow in the back, of course… totally you!)i'm doing this!

WoW! What a creative delight! I like the necklace so much and the sweet plumber story too.

liz – we need to meet up!!!! contact me! i miss real bagels, don't you? 🙂

love your story about it and love a good piece of unique big jewelry.

so genius, i'd like to imagine an old plumber invented this idea too!

ahhhh!!!! how did i JUST find this blog?? please tell me you moved from hoboken to SF? that's my story too! 🙂 lovely little details {blog}

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